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Travel to Bhutan

You can enter Bhutan over land from India or fly in from Thailand, Nepal or India. If you want to visit Bhutan as a tourist, you will have to apply for a tourist visa for Bhutan through a Danish or Bhutanese travel agent.

A travel agent will be able to arrange everything for you. You can only fly into Bhutan by the National Bhutanese flight company Drukair to Paro International Airport. The ticket has to be booked through a travel agency or on the internet. Drukair fly from Bangkok in Thailand, Kathmandu in Nepal, New Delhi and a number of smaller airports in India such as Kolkata, Bagdogra, Guwahati and Gaya. Note: you cannot check in on a Drukair flight, unless you have a valid Bhutan entry visa. To learn more about the visa rules please follow the link below

Visa to Bhutan

The flight into Bhutan offers an amazing view of the Himalayan mountain chain, and the in-flight gives you a feeling of almost touching the mountain slopes before you touch down in Paro in 2200 meters altitude.

For more information on flight schedules, prices etc. look at Drukair’s webpage by following the link below.

Drukair – Royal Bhutan Airlines