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Emergency advice

Advice to European citizens in case of a major crisis situation in Bhutan

As part of the ongoing strengthening of EU consular cooperation, Denmark and Austria have taken on the responsibility to act as EU Lead States in case of a major crisis situation in Bhutan. Denmark and Austria are the only EU states having an official/diplomatic representation in Bhutan:

Representation Office of Denmark, P.O.Box 614, Thimphu, Phone: +975-2-323331, E-Mail:

Austrian Coordination Office for Development Cooperation, P.O.Box 307, Thimphu
Phone: +975-2-324495, E-Mail:

In case a major crisis should occur, such as a natural disaster, a plane crash or a bus accident, involving many European citizens, the Danish and the Austrian offices will be ready to provide advice to European (EU, CH, N and IS) citizens and to coordinate the response with the Bhutanese authorities and the European embassies responsible for Bhutan in New Delhi or Bangkok.

As tourism in Bhutan is closely regulated by the Bhutanese authorities, the initial response in a crisis situation will normally be made by the Bhutanese tour operator and the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

European residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the contingency planning of their employer/organization. European residents in Bhutan are furthermore encouraged to register their contact details with their respective embassies. Danish citizens can register at the homepage of the Danish Office in Thimphu; Austrian citizens by contacting the Austrian Embassy in New Delhi by e-mail (

In case of need for evacuation, including medical evacuation, the initial responsibility lies with the individual and his/her travel/medical insurance. The Danish and the Austrian offices will however always be available for further advice and coordination of practical assistance through the relevant European Embassies. In a major crisis situation Denmark and Austria will consider the possibilities for organizing a separate evacuation. The costs of such an evacuation will be charged on a pro rata basis to the evacuated citizens in accordance with the guidelines governing the EU Lead State concept. Individual consular assistance is still handled by the citizen’s embassy in New Delhi or Bangkok.