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Transition Support Programme, 2011 - 2014

In its half-a-century of unique development, Bhutan has made significant achievements in political, social and economic development. Denmark as a trusted and strategic partner has played its part enjoying for more than 30 years a mutually beneficial partnership with Bhutan. Consequently, a gradual phasing-out of the Danish development co-operation has now been decided. With the overall objective to ensure that the phasing-out contributes to the consolidation and sustainability of the results achieved, and to support the transition to continued co-operation through institutional partnerships, a new Government-to-Government Agreement on Danish support of DKK 50 million (approximately Ngultrum 420 million) on the Transition Support Programme (TSP) was signed today on 20th June 2011 between Mr. Karma Tshiteem, Secretary, Gross National Happiness Commission and Mr. Henrik A. Nielsen, Counsellor, Head of Representation Office of Denmark, Thimphu.
The Transition Support Programme has three components besides technical assistance and reviews. The first Component on Good Governance with 52% of the grant, comprises additional phasing-out support to the annual capital grants to local governments, support to the capacity development of elected members and staff of the local governments, and a final support to the non-state actors (civil society organizations, CSOs) through the joint Civil Society Funds Facility.
The second Component on Results Measurement, with 18% of the grant funding, comprises the final support to the integration of the Government’ systems for planning, budgeting and accounting, support to developing environmental statistical and green-accounting capacity, and support to developing evaluation capacity.
The final Component on Partnerships with another 18% of the grant funding focuses on enhancing of sustainable partnerships between selected Danish and Bhutanese autonomous institutions within the private sector, research and culture. Special focus is on enhancing the research capacity of the Royal University of Bhutan by supporting joint research projects between Bhutanese and Danish researchers.
The Transition Support Programme will be implemented over a period of four years beginning July 2011.

Please follow this link to access the programme document on Transition Support Programme