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Sustainable Environment Support Programme 2010-2013

Danish involvement in the environment sector in Bhutan started on a project basis already in 1990. Starting with the support to establishment of the Secretariat for the National Environment Commission, Denmark has consistently supported the national commitment to environment. This Sustainable Environment Support Programme (SESP) is intended to address the environment, climate change and associated poverty concerns in the 10th Five-Year Plan and to use the experiences gained to help prepare the 11th Five-Year Plan. With a Danish support of DKK 70 million, the SESP is composed of two components. The major component with 57% or DKK 40 million is provided as sector budget support for capital investments of the local governments’ 10th plan activities. Using the Annual Grants Guidelines for Local Governments the funds will be mixed with funds from the government and other sources for the implementation of the local governments’ 10th plan activities. The second component is designed as Joint Support for Capacity Development on mainstreaming environment, climate change and poverty concerns into policies, plans and programmes. Denmark will grant DKK 20 million and the joint UNDP/UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative (PEI) program will contribute US$ 860,000. Support under this partnership initiative is intended for enhancing the capacity of national and local government functionaries, private sector and civil society organizations in addressing poverty and environment challenges in an integrated manner. The Joint Support Programme has been initiated to enhance harmonization and alignment of support to the government by the development partners. The programme will be implemented over a period of 4 years beginning January 2010.

Please follow this link to access the programme document on Sustainble Environment Support Programme.

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